About Us

Who we are and our mission.

I originally began this as a hobby through my interest in Mechanical Keyboards and all things custom in the enthusiast scene. Let’s admit it, we all fell down that rabbit hole. As I dove further and further down the rabbit hole, I discovered and was exposed to the art of custom coiled and artisan cables that were being made by such incredible and creative cable makers alike.

Naturally, these USB cables are a vital extension to a mechanical keyboard. The thought of building my own custom USB cable to match my setup and aesthetic inspired me to learn more about this skill and craft. After hours and hours of reading guides, watching YouTube videos, and investing in the right materials, my first cable was made.

After trial and error, countless mistakes, and valuable lessons learned… Finally, consistent high-quality cables were being generated by my own hands. From there, many of my friends have reached out to me with a desire to design their own cable to match their setups and Onyx Cables was created. 

Our goal is to provide premium, high quality custom cables unique to your own customization that will ultimately compliment your setup. Our mission is to help you find your endgame cable.

All cables are made and shipped from Calgary, Alberta.