April 29th, 2021

We’ve received all our of Paracord colour options today and they are all fully available with the exception of Monochrome White.

Unfortunately, there was a small error on the suppliers behalf and they failed to include white in the order. This will be resolved shortly as I have an expedited shipment of White paracord on its way!

Upcoming Projects

YC8 Connectors
The YC8 connector type will soon be available in limited quantities.

YC8 connectors are a push/pull connector type with a different aesthetic feel than the GX16 connectors we currently offer

Pokémon Cables – Season 2
We are bringing back Pokémon themed cables with some new additions to some favorites that were voted on in a poll and the results were astounding!

Umbreon – 8 Votes
Pikachu – 6 Votes
Eevee – 5 Votes
Alolan Vulpix – 4 Votes
Espeon – 4 Votes
Torchic – 4 Votes
Piplup – 2 Votes
Chikorita – 2 Votes
Jigglypuff – 0 Votes (Sadge)

Like the 1st season run of our Pokémon cables, the quantities will be limited, but this time we are offering more customization options so it can be the right cable for you.


  • All Paracords In-Stock except Monochrome – White
  • YC8 Connectors on its way
  • Pokémon Cables – Season 2 will be developed in the coming weeks for estimated release of Late May / Early June

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