Just bought a DIY Kit and are eager to build your very own custom cable?

Learn everything you need to know about how to build your own custom cable here.


Just bought a DIY Kit?

[1] Introduction

You just bought your DIY Kit… what next?

This section will provide you with an overview of your very own DIY Kit and go over the required equipment and tools that make the job easier.

I’ve categorized the equipment and tools that I use and provided affiliate links to purchase them through Amazon.

[2] Cable Wiring

Now that we have the equipment and tools out of the way, it’s time to learn the basics of cable wiring.

It is IMPORTANT to know that not all cables are wired the same way, this tutorial and guide is meant to instruct and educate you on how Onyx Cables wire their own cables. The wiring guide will be made compatible with any Onyx Cables product and for other cable designers that follow the exact same wiring specifications.

[3] Cable Sleeving

Now that we understand cable wiring, the first step to start building your own cable is knowing how to sleeve your cable and exposing your wire.
There are different ways to sleeve a cable, but in this guide we will go through a Heatshrink Method that I personally use.

[4] Soldering

Now that your cable is sleeved and wires are exposed, it’s time to solder.
Whether your a beginner or a soldering pro, this guide will walk you through how to solder and helpful tips on getting you ready in this step.
Also covered in this section are the small little steps that you need to take with detachable connectors before soldering.

[5] Assembly

You’ve tested your cable and it’s functional! Now let’s assemble and add the final touches.
I will cover tips and tricks of how to assemble USB components and an important detail with a certain detachable connector option.

Still having issues?

If have any questions that need answering, or clarification on certain steps of building your cable, or you’re still experiencing some issues you can contact us through our contact form or through Discord (Kuro#4819) and we will do our best to troubleshooting assist you in making your own cable with our DIY Kit.