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Paracord is a lightweight nylon rope that is used to sleeve the cable. The cords that are being used are Type III military spec parachute nylon paracord.

You can find all available Paracord Colours we offer by visiting our Colour Chart page.

Tech Flex is an expandable PET sleeving used for double sleeving the cable. Onyx Cables uses Tech Flex Flexo PET 1/8”

Double-sleeving with Tech Flex adds another layer that covers your cable and adds durability, rigidity, and some more flavor to your cable.

You can find all available Tech Flex Colours we offer by visiting our Colour Chart page.

Typically, a USB cable should be 16ft or less. You may run into issues transmitting power with a longer cable, which may cause failures for your devices.

For devices that tend to draw a larger amount of power (i.e., lots of RGB or LEDs), 10ft or less is the most preferable for optimal performance.

Highly powered keyboards may require even shorter length cables such as the DROP CTRL/ALT (under 7ft) and HHKBs (under 8ft).

This feature is 100% optional and mostly for aesthetics. Coils are a fun way to add some flare to your cable.

The coils we produce retain their springiness as we reverse coil every cable cable ensuring proper strength and longevity. However, longer uses over time or aggressive handling may weaken the coils and loosen their uniform appearance over time.

The default coil diameter is 3/8-inches, approximately 6-inches in size and is typically used on the device end connector, unless otherwise specified.

Coils can add up a significant amount of actual cable based on the length and diameter of the coils.

Example: a 6-inch coil (6 ft total cable used) with a 3ft straight cable length is about 9 ft of actual cable.

Detachable aviator connectors are extremely helpful if you swap out cables on a consistent basis. Having a detachable portion for your cable allows you to quickly connect to another cable that uses a different connector without having to swap an entire cable from the host-end. 

Please note: Not all custom cable makers wire their detachable connectors the same. Mixing and matching connectors with incompatible wiring may result in damage to your device.

We use GX16 and YC8 4-pin connectors and are assigned to each pin which are physically numbered, and correlate to the way the pins are assigned to the USB connectors according to the USB spec:

  1. Ground (Black)
  2. D+ (White)
  3. D- (Green)
  4. VCC (Red)


The lightning cables used are not official Apple connectors. However, the type of connector we use are typically used for iPhone cables.

Please note that these cables are not “Fast Charge” cables and will charge the device based on a USB 2.0 specifications.

We have completed hours of testing on our lightning cables and while we do not anticipate any errors that may occur with the use of our lightning connectors, Onyx Cables is not responsible for the “Accessory Not Supported” error and will not be considered a defect on our behalf.

This error is normally seen on Apple devices when using a “third-party” cable that is not Apple approved.


As long as the order has not yet shipped! Please contact us right away so we are able to revise the correct shipping information. Our response time is usually within 1 business day.

Yes! As long as your order has not yet been shipped. Please contact us right away, and we will make the correct changes to the order. Our response time is usually within 1 business day.

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