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Typically, a USB cable should be 15ft or less. You may run into issues transmitting power with a longer cable, which may cause failures for your devices.

For devices that tend to draw a larger amount of power (i.e., lots of RGB or LEDs), 10ft or less is the most preferable for optimal performance.

Highly powered keyboards may require even shorter length cables such as the DROP CTRL/ALT (under 7ft) and HHKBs (under 8ft).

We offer a variety of cable orientations to match your specific setup. Please see all the available orientations below.

Please note: Not all custom cable makers wire their detachable connectors the same. Mixing and matching connectors with incompatible wiring may result in damage to your device.

We use GX16, YC8, and LEMO 4-pin connectors and are assigned to each pin which are physically numbered, and correlate to the way the pins are assigned to the USB connectors according to the USB spec:

  1. Ground (Black)
  2. D+ (White)
  3. D- (Green)
  4. VCC (Red)


At this time, we offer colored GX16 aviators. You can find all of the available colored aviators by visiting our Colour Chart page.

Our GX16 aviators are all hand painted with a primer coat, base coat, and a tough and durable top-coat offered in Glossy, Satin, or Matte.

We are also offering a custom color match option at a premium. While we strive to provide you the customized color palette of your choosing, please understand that we may decline your request if it is not possible or does not meet your quality standards.

Note: While the paint of the connectors are coated with a durable top coat, it is important to note through continued use overtime and potentially any aggressive abuse can potentially result in paint chips or scratches.


Shipping times may vary depending on the delivery address.

: 3-5 Business Days
USA: 10-11 Business Days
Rest of World: 10-15 Business Days

Note: Due to COVID-19, shipping times may be increased and can be slower than the above estimated times.

We ship across the globe. Our goal is to reach as many people as we can across the world. If you do not have an available shipping method through checkout, please contact us to let us know so we can resolve the issue ASAP.

Note: Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Onyx Cables is not responsible for delays that may occur due to customs.

All cables are handcrafted and shipped from Calgary, Alberta Canada.
We also provide a Local Pickup option for Calgary locals who want to save on shipping.

We are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages during transit.
While we are fortunate that this has not happened, please contact us if you encounter any issues.


As long as the order has not yet shipped! Please contact us right away so we are able to revise the correct shipping information. Our response time is usually within 1 business day.

Yes! As long as your order has not yet been shipped. Please contact us right away, and we will make the correct changes to the order. Our response time is usually within 1 business day.

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Yes! Our warranty period is 90 days.
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