January 7th, 2022

Hello everyone! It has been a while since we’ve updated, but happy new years and hope everyone had a wonderful holidays!

We have been busy during the holiday season, and there are a few announcements and topics to discuss:


  • Lightning Cable USB Cables are discontinued
    • Unfortunately, this was a side project that was quickly put aside due to the lack of interest and also the lack confidence with cable charging speed. As aesthetically pleasure Apple Cables are very sought after, we did not want to provide a subpar product in terms of performance to customers and have ultimately decided to discontinue the product until notice
  • Limited Restocks
    • After developing interest from the community we will be restocking the following S2 Pokémon Themed styles in LIMITED QUANTITIES
      • Alolan Vulpix
      • Espeon
      • Pikachu
      • Umbreon
    • If you are interested in these limited restocks, please keep up to date with us on Twitter for the most recent updates regarding our store on when these are available
  • If you have any suggestions on what more can offer, please do not hesitate to provide your suggestions by Contacting Us
  • We will consider all suggestions within reason and interest and may offer more to our store this coming year
– Discontinuing Apple Cables
– Restock on S2 Pokemon Cable Styles
– Give us suggestions to look into!

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