March 7th, 2022

Hello everyone!

Around this time last year marks our 1 year mark and the start of Onyx Cables! Just a few updates on what’s next for Onyx Cables and a few changes on the website and warranty information for our products!


Onyx Cables attended the 3rd Alberta Mechanical Keyboard Meetup and had an amazing turnout and support from the community. Thank you to all who attended and for those who supported and came by to talk with me about all things mechanical keyboard related!


There are a few updates on our website!

After some feedback from the community, we’re taking customizing your detachable connector to the next level! Our Custom Detachable USB Cables can be customized by the device and host side separately! This has been a request that has been made by a member of the community and recently more have shown interest in this idea. Now you can customize your detachable cable with the hundreds of different color options that can go together into your cable!

We also have a dedicated build your own option for all “non-detachable” cable options here as well!


We apologize for not having a set in stone warranty written in our policy, but that has changed. After much consideration we offer a 30-day warranty on all defective products. We trust that our craftsmanship and dedication to this space will allow for an extended use for your cable. However, we will handle all inquiries that are made after the 30-day period on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please visit our FAQ.


In the past, we have done colored GX16 using spray paint primer, paint layer, and clear coat for close friends, family, and select customers with full transparency. While the paint job on the connectors looked great and passable, quality was always a concern going into this space over time. Now, we are starting to look at a few options to start offering colored GX16 connectors in the near future. There is no timeline on when this will be offered, but we will be looking at the most cost effective solution while maintaining a standard for quality.


– Onyx Cables will be attending more local meetups in Alberta
– More customizable options for detachable connectors
– Warranty Information
– Looking at colored GX16 options in the future!

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