We all want to know what goes into our beautifully designed cables.

Find out everything you need to know and more about our materials here.



There are many different type of paracord options, but we’ve opted to use the Nylon 550 Paracord. This type of Paracord is a Type III military spec parachute cord also called 550 paraline. By using this type of paracord we’re able to offer a wide variety of color options and patterns for the base sleeve of your cable.



MDPC-X is a Cable-Sleeving company founded in Germany and provide amazingly vivid colour options. We use MDPC-X as a base sleeve for your cable and the durability of this sleeving is unmatched.  We highly recommend using this sleeving if you do not opt for double-sleeving.



Techflex is a staple double-sleeving material option that many cable makers have at their disposal. We use Techflex Flexo PET 1/8″ for all of our double-sleeved options, adding more durability and some interesting color profiles that compliment your set up and base sleeve. Using Techflex can also help maintain the “spring” in your coils.


GX16 – Aviator

Our GX16 connectors are the most common connector we offer that adds additional flair to your custom cable with a dozen colour options and more custom colors available. These connectors provide a quick detachable option for swapping out to your favorite keyboards.

The aviators connect together using a visible notch within the connector and is secured with a threaded collar, so there are no mistakes here!

YC8 – Push & Pull

Do you love having a low-profile set up with your keyboard? Not a fan of threaded collars? This is not a problem with the YC8 connector. This slim option connector can add a subtle aesthetic to any setup.

It’s simple. You push, and you pull.

One end of this connector has a collar that slides, allowing the other end to connect seamlessly. All that’s left to do is release the slider once they are connected and you are locked in and ready to go.

f/LEMO – Replicas

LEMO® was founded in Switzerland in 1946 and are one of the leading manufacturers of the push and pull self-latching connectors we have all aspired to own.

As the market for these connectors have generated more and more replicas, our f/LEMO connectors provide you with an amazing quality substitute that can save you money. 

If you are looking for the most premium connector, look no further. Make sure you purchase this limited connector while quantities last.



Offered in both Nickel and Gold Plated, the USB-A connectors are often used on the host side of the cables, connecting to your PC or USB docks.


Offered in both Nickel and Gold Plated, the USB-C connectors the most versatile, easiest to connect, and the “go-to” connector.


Offered in both Nickel and Gold Plated, the Micro-USB connectors were the connectors of the past. Do you still have a device that uses this connector? No problem, we still carry these for you!


Offered in both Nickel and Gold Plated. We offer the Mini-USB connector that you still need for that one keyboard and device that still uses it.


Techflex ShrinkFlex®

There are other heat shrink options out there, but we went with Techflex ShrinkFlex®. This is a 3:1 polyolefin heat shrink tubing that finishes the ends of any cables and open wires. The size allows us to fit snuggly and within all of our detachables and connectors while also offering a variety of colours to match your cable needs.


USB 2.0 Compliant

The cable wire that we use is a USB 2.0 compliant wire featuring two 28 AWG power conductors and one AWG twisted pair for the data lines. The braid is covered with a flexible PVC jacket, and also has a drain wire shield.