October 17th, 2022

Hello everyone!

It has been a few months since our last update but Onyx Cables has still been busy at work!
We’ve had one of our biggest summers to date and I’ve had a lot of fun creating your fresh cable designs and delivering them to your doorstep (literally).

There will be an upcoming change that will be effective immediately.

Shipping costs domestically have subtly increased over the past year – and it has risen to the point where shipping domestically within Canada is more expensive than shipping across the border to the United States. While outbound shipping costs have increased, so has shipping costs inbound. The cost of sourcing materials to operate Onyx Cables has also increased. As many of you know, Onyx Cables is a business that proudly operates in Canada, and the majority of where our customer base resides in. I have done my best to providing the most cost effective shipping and delivery solutions domestically and to our few international customers.

At this time, there will be no price increase to the products that we offer on Onyx Cables. This is not to say that our price will never change but only to provide transparency that it is a potential in the future.

The changes at this time will only affect shipping rates domestically and internationally:

There will be an increase in our shipping options provided. Tracking numbers will ALWAYS be provided to ensure secure delivery and visibility of your order from the moment it leaves my hands, handed over to the carrier, and delivered to your doorstep. I have contemplated offering a non-trackable shipping option, but have ultimately decided against this to relieve any uncertainties for both parties. Unfortunately, this will have the biggest impact for our International customers outside of Canada and the US.

There will still be Local Pick up options available for those who reside within YYC to save costs on shipping.
There will be an option for Free Shipping (to Canada/US) if your order meets the minimum required dollar value, which is $100.00 CAD.

Thank you for your continued support.

-Tristan (Onyx Cables)

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