Need some assistance designing your perfect cable?

Let’s get started.


Let’s get started.


“Should I design a cable to match my GMK set that arrives in 2 years? Or should I design something versatile that fits any and all setups?”

Designing your own cable can be overwhelming.
There are so many bits and parts and customizations, you can sometimes forget what the end goal really is.

In this guide, we will cover all of the components and difficult choices to make your perfect endgame cable.

Endgame Cable




“To detach, or not to detach– that is the question”

You’ll have to decide the answer to that question!
But let me help you out, since there are only two options here. Easy, right?

While detachable connectors can be seen mostly as an aesthetic feature to compliment your setup, there is functionality and reasons as to why you might want one.

Let’s say you have
multiple devices using different USB connectors. You often find yourself switching out your devices for gaming or for when you work from home, and you absolutely HATE switching out your USB cable because your cable management is already so perfect. In this scenario, a detachable connector would provide huge benefits because all you would need to do is switch out your device side connector with another one that fits with the keyboard you swapped out. You can avoid disrupting the ebb and flow of your cable management by leaving the host side of the cable connected, and interchanging your device side to your needs. Similarly, if you bring your keyboards to your workplace the same principle can apply in this situation.

Yes, having multiple device side connectors and interchangeable ends can be costly! But if function and aesthetic is your main purpose, it is worth the investment.

Not convinced? Maybe, a simple straight cable without the detachable parts might work for you!

The upside of a simple straight cable, is price. It functions like any USB Cable out of the box of a keyboard; the difference is that yours will be
custom. A simple straight cable can still add some flair to your desk setup at a lower price point and if you aren’t bothered by missing out on the detachable aesthetic, then the choice is simple.

Endgame Cable

getting the hang of it? (1/4)


Length and Coiled Cables

“Size matters… right?”

YES. Size matters! I guess in this case, length!

Typically, we recommend that your USB Cable is configured up to 15 feet in total length.
If longer than 15 feet, you may run into issues transmitting power with a longer cable, which may cause failures for your devices.

There are some devices in the market that tend to draw a larger amount of power (i.e., lots of RGB or LEDs).
You can check our FAQ for our growing list of tested devices and length recommendations.

“What do you mean by total length?”

To answer this, let’s talk about coiled cables. Coils are a fun way to add some flair to your cable and is 100% optional and mostly for aesthetics, and we also provide multiple coil orientations so it matches your setup perfectly. The reason we are bringing up coiled cables is that it adds a lengthy amount of total length to your cable.

There are two coil sizes we offer,
3/8 inch or 1/2 inch and are approximately measured to 6 inches in length.
A 3/8 inch coiled cable at 6 inches of length will produce a total length of approximately 4.5 feet.
A 1/2 inch coiled cable at 6 inches of length will produce a total length of approximately 6 feet.

Let’s look at an example:
A 1/2 inch coiled cable at 6 inches of length device side detachable connector with a 3 feet length host side connector with produce a total cable length of approximately 9 feet.

I hope I didn’t lose you there. I promise it only gets easier from here!

Endgame Cable

woah, we’re half way there! (2/4)



“It only gets easier from here!”

I wasn’t lying! This should be simple, right? Let’s decide what connectors to use!

The type of connectors you choose will depend on what is required for your device. Make sure to double check which connector you need before you finalize your creation. They sometimes look alike so it doesn’t hurt to double check, maybe triple check? 

We offer USB-A, USB-C, Micro-USB and Mini-USB in a standard silver, but also gold to provide you with an aesthetic option.

Endgame Cable

We’re in the endgame now (3/4)



“Let’s have some fun!”

In our final section, it’s all about fun and it’s time to get creative.
We will discuss all of the colour options with Paracord or MDPC-X, Techflex and Heatshrink which all have an impact on the appearance of your cable.

Let’s start with Paracord.
The paracord will act as your base sleeving that covers the raw cable. We have a variety of different paracord options to compliment your favorite keyboard and keycap set. Or maybe you want something neutral and have it be your “go-to” endgame cable for all. It all begins with choosing the right paracord… it give your endgame cable its identity.

Onto MDPC-X.
This is an alternative to paracord and will also act as your base sleeve. The colours of our MDPC-X sleeving are extremely vivid and bring another level of flavor to your cable. We offer a wide range of colour options and if you are opting out of a double-sleeve option, and durability is a must, then this is your go to.

Now Techflex.
This is 100% optional, but is something that we recommend adding if you are intending to coil the cable. Techflex is your double-sleeving for your cable that adds some durability, rigidity, and can also help maintain the springiness of your coils. Choosing the right Techflex double-sleeve gives your endgame cable some personality.

Here are a few tips when deciding which Techflex double-sleeve to choose:

Clear Techflex allows your the base sleeve colour to pop underneath the double-sleeving and is the number one choice if you really want the base sleeve color to shine.
White Techflex brightens up the overall look of your cable while allowing some the base sleeve colour to show, but not as vividly as the Clear Techflex.
Shimmer Techflex is our Gray Clear option if you want your base sleeve colour to pop but… not that much.
Carbon Techflex is the close relative of our Clear Techflex, if you want the base sleeve colour to pop but dark mode then this is for you.
Black Techflex are for those who want a dark profile look for their cable, letting through subtle highlights of your base sleeve colour.
Custom Pastel Techflex are options that have been dyed using White Techflex, it is meant to be bright and the main star of your cable.

Lastly, Heatshrink.
This one is much simpler than the other two and is the last option to tie everything together (literally).
You can be bold. Do you have a neutral coloured cable and want to add a splash of color?
You can be safe. Pair your endgame cable with a heatshrink colour that compliments your design.


Endgame Cable

you already designed it, now we’ll make it (4/4)


Closing Remarks

“I did it!”

You made it this far, and now you’re a pro.

Designing a cable isn’t the easiest thing to do, but we’re always here to help.
If you have any questions, would like some assistance with a design or just want to say thanks feel free contact us anytime.

-Onyx Cables